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When you want to find a 24 hour emergency home unlocking service, call AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors. We work in east, west, south and center Ottawa Ontario including the valley area. We can handle your locked doors plus any other break-in damage you might experience.

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Our team includes not just a locksmith technician, but also a door repairman in case you need replacement or repair of any broken frame damage. An important thing about AMPM is that we are the cheapest in Ottawa area, we are licensed and fully insured to work for you. We handle residential, and commercial facilities with the same level of professionalism. Other services include installation of high security locks and affordable break-in prevention products for residential homes, apartments and condos.

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The Importance of a Reliable 24 Hour Home Unlocking Service

To have a reliable 24 hr home unlocking service is critical. If you have been in such emergency situation, you know what I am talking about. If you have not, keep on reading to be aware of the implications. We will even give you information about a dependable and professional company that can handle this type of issues for you.

We cover all Ottawa areas including Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, Rockland and Cumberland Ontario. All our work comes with A FULL WARRANTY on labor and parts. Our emergency response time is 20-45 minutes or less, and every lockout work done by our mobile locksmiths won't cause any damage to your residential doors, locks or frames. We can open locked safes, vaults, mailboxes, filing cabinets, desk locks and sliding glass doors.

Locked Interior Door Opening

Locked Interior Door Opening

It seems unlikely, but some house lockout services are requested to open interior doors. On most cases, it is just a room that was accidentally closed. When nobody is inside, then there is no real urgency. It is just a matter of getting inside the space.

However, some situations require an emergency door opening service for an interior door. Imagine there is a baby or a small kid inside. He is not big enough to open the door, and he is trapped. This can happen anytime and any day. That is why knowing where to find a 24-hour lockout service is critical. It will save you moments of anguish while you try to open the door.

What if you Lose or Forget your Keys?

This is probably the most common reason to need home lockout services. When you live alone, or if nobody is home, then opening your entry door is the kind of service that can save you from sleeping on a bench at the nearest park.

This sort of situation never happens during working hours. You are working too, and therefore, you are not trying to open your home. 24-hour lockout companies are available to help in such situations. Watch out because some door contractors take advantage of the urgency, with charges that are not fair.

You have to look for an affordable and certified locksmith to assist you.

Door Break-in

In the unfortunate situation of a door break-in, you will need home lockout services too. In such cases, the 24 hours’ availability is also critical. You don’t want to feel unsafe with a broken door lock.

A locksmith is not enough. In such cases, you must find emergency lockout services that can work on your lock as they can work on your door. They should be able to repair any kicked in where there is something broken on wood or metal doors.