Glass Door Repair Services

Your exterior doors seem to be fail-proof. They will rarely fail, but when they do, you will require glass door repair services. Here are some tips to perform a door repair. We will tell you when to repair and when to replace, and the most common issues with aluminum glass doors.

Change vs. Repair

Before looking for glass door repair services, you should have a clear idea of whether it is best to replace or just fix your door. You can always ask your trusted door fixer, but at times, they will go for the most beneficial solution to them, not to you. We prepared a simple set of questions to determine if it is best to change or repair:

1. Are the metal parts looking fine on a visual inspection? If yes, then fix it.
2. Is the rolling function the only issue? If yes, then repair.
3. Is your lock working wrong? If yes, then fix.
4. Is your door part of a classic aesthetics at your home? If yes, then restore it.
5. Is there severe rust damage? If yes, then consider changing.

If you are still in doubt, quote both. Numbers will speak for themselves.

Aluminum Glass Door Repair Services

Commercial Glass Doors that require Special Attention

Certain commercial doors need special attention. That is the case of glass entry doors and emergency exits. They are not like your sliding patio door at home. If any of these doors is failing, you need to get the door repairman to your office asap.

If it is just the automatic function that is not working, then there is no reason to rush. However, when the door can obstruct entrance (or exit) somehow, the repair or replacement must be immediate. Your business can be out of compliance, not to mention the security risk in case of an emergency. And that can happen 24hr. So, do not hesitate to look for a commercial glass door repair immediately.

What if you leave your Sliding Glass Doors unattended at Home?

It seems that if you left your sliding doors unattended at home, there are no consequences. However, there are costs associated with damage to your doors. Taking aside the potential reduction in the functionality, you can incur in increased charges on your electricity bill. This is due to the leaks of a cracked frame. The cold or warm air is escaping on the edges.

When the doors or windows are not adequately sealed, that will result in your air conditioning system working extra. It will consume more energy, plus the engine will need more maintenance. So, do not underestimate the need of an aluminum glass door repair. You could be saving money in ways you have not yet seen.

The Best Aluminum Glass Door Repair near me

In Ottawa Ontario, it is AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors. They can fulfill your needs on door repairs and fix your lock, any emergency door, exterior door, sliding patio door and glass entry doors. They are your best choice for commercial glass door repair, responding 24 hours. Located in 251 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, ON. We service east, south and west Ottawa, including Nepean, Kanata, Orleans and Rockland. We provide fast 24 hour emergency service, with affordable prices and excellent customer service.

Our services:

  • Door break-in repair
  • Door opening (Lockout)
  • Fix broken aluminum frames
  • Door replacement
  • Door installation
  • High security locks

Most of our work comes with a full warranty on labor and parts. AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors is fully insured, (WSIB & Liability) and can replacement or install any aluminum door. We can deliver you with great insulated double glass doors, as better protection from the outdoor elements. For commercial use, we would recommend toughened glass (Thicker + carbon fibers added) which is much more durable and break proof. Need some advise? Or have a question regarding glass doors for commercial or residential use? Give us a call and we will be more then happy to assist you.

(613) 518-4022


DIY TIP: Do you have a commercial aluminum door with a broken pivot hinge? In that case we recommend to install a continuous hinge, which will last forever. In case you do want to do it yourself, check out THIS VIDEO

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