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The right supplier of door replacement services in Ottawa Ontario is AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors. We can come to your home or business to assess your needs. We are one of the door companies that gives the best service in the area, including a full warranty on our labor and installed parts.

We are licensed (Local Ontario Registration) and fully insured (Liability & WSIB). We do out best to deliver every new door as fast as we can. We can get any type of residential or commercial door for you, at any color, size or door hardware you looking for. You can choose any interior or exterior door design by visiting the manufactures catalogs (see links below). We are experienced locksmiths, so you can ask us for upgrading your door locks or reinforcing your door frame within reasonable prices and quality locks.

Exterior Entry Doors For Residential Homes
Entry doors by Stanley

Residential & Commercial Door Replacements

We work with local Canadian door manufacturers as well as US based and European door manufactures. Please visit on their catalogs and contact us with the door model for a quote on supplying the door and installing it.

Door Types We Can Get For You

  • Entry doors
  • Garden doors
  • Patio doors
  • Steel doors
  • Soundproof doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Hollow Metal Doors
  • Screen & Storm Doors

We can get any door you might look for, from commercial metal doors and sliding glass to decorated wooden doors. Feel free to call us with any question you might have regarding a door replacement service you looking for. We work with home owners as well as commercial businesses.

Single Front Doors
Single front doors (Stanley doors)

Order Special Doors By Manufactures We Work With

For both residential and commercial applications, there are special doors that need attention. Some particular types of doors for residential use are found at the entry and the garage. Interior doors are standard most times, but exterior doors can have a screen or a pocket.

Doors in the office or for industrial applications are the most specialized. Some doors are made out of upvc, while others are automatic, to stop the fire, hollow, or tilt. To be safe, you require a professional with licensed and certified personnel. Not all companies comply with such requirements.

Visit those door manufactures websites, and ask us for a quote on getting the door and installing it for you. We will upgrade any door or frame will better locks (even high-security locks) and most importantly we will be able to secure the door frame with metal strike plates so it will become kick proof.

Besides door replacement, we can take care of your break-ins & forced entry, and maintenance and repairs for your broken, split, cracked, or rotten doors. Our prices are affordable. We can take care of any emergency service for your home or business, working 24 hours a day. That is particularly useful for a lockout of urgency. Call them, and your front door replacement: residential or commercial application will be handled by professionals.

Our services:

  • Replacement of commercial, residential or industrial doors
  • Wood, steel or metal doors or  frames, all size and colors
  • Door hardware such as locks, deadbolts, knobs and handles
  • New sliding glass patio doors, screen doors, closet and pocket doors

Door frames

When you are looking for door replacement services, it is important to find a supplier that has experience for front door replacement: residential and commercial. The company should be the one who replaces doors near your location. Here are some tips on how to select the best door replacement services in Ottawa Ontario.

The Assessment Phase

Prior performing any job, the company should make an assessment first. The replacement of any door require checking details on the site. When there is a previous door, there are some details that need to be assessed first, like the uninstallation procedure, if there are any further repairs to be done, and advice to keep your new door at its best for the longest time.

Changing a Type of Door

If you are changing types of doors, then the procedure can be a bit different. In particular, when there is a wood door, and you change it for a metal door made out of aluminum or steel, the change must be full. The costs will raise because you have to change even the frame. The charges will include the elimination of all remains of the previous door and any repair or restoration that is needed on the door frame.

When you are evaluating door installation companies, make sure they have a door installer and a door repairman to perform the job. The best door contractors are not necessarily the cheapest. Beware of a very low price because they might have hidden costs that you will have to pay anyway, making it more expensive at the end. They can also do an incomplete job, leaving your door with too many details.

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