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Where to get Professional Help for Aluminum Doors?

Welcome to out Aluminum doors page. We service all kinds of aluminum doors, from storefront entry glass doors with a broken hinge up to residential sliding doors with damaged rollers. Changing rollers can be easy. However, if you have a bigger problem, it is better to call for a specialized company in aluminum glass door repairs. They can do the installation, replacement, repair, and even restoration of any metal door (aluminum or steel).

For Ottawa Ontario, call for the AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors company. We are one of the certified door installation companies in the area- Any trouble with your hinge or lock can be addressed by them.

Call us for any door repair needs. We have the most dependable door fixer you will find around.

24/7 Services:

  • Residential Doors: sliding patio and screen door repairs, interior and exterior door repair, break-in repairs, door frame repair
  • Commercial Doors: dented aluminum frame, broken pivot hinge, new aluminum glass doors for storefronts and offices
  • Locksmith Services: door lock replacement, high security locks supply and installation

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AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors will give you a full breakdown of all charges and costs needed to repair your door. This is the best and most affordable choice. Use us for commercial, residential and even industrial door maintenance. We even have emergency 24-hour service that will put a door installer at your front door in no time to keep you safe from the storm.

If you want to repair other doors (like your entry, garage, automatic, or fire), just ask. We are one of the few certified door contractors in the area. We cover all Ottawa area, including the downtown, east, west and south Ottawa. Our office located in 251 Laurier Ave West, Postal code: K1P 5J6, Ottawa, ON.

Aluminum Sliding Doors Maintenance Tips

Any aluminum door for residential or commercial use will need new rollers, locks, or hinges at some point. The more you use your aluminum glass door, the most it will need a repair. On the last section, we are going show you how to find 24-hour door repair service near me in case you want to call the door repairman. That can be of most use if you are in a hurry to fix your patio door before a storm.

De-adjust the Rollers and take off the Stop Mold

The first step is to de-adjust the rollers. You must do this to detach the door from the aluminum door frame. Use the adjustment screws and lift the door so that you can raise it enough to get off the track. Do this step carefully so that you don’t cause any dent to your door or frame or you would need aluminum door frame repair. Then, take off the stop mold to leave the area clear.

Aluminum glass door on a home

Take off the Door

Get your sliding door off the track. This should be an easy task since you have loosened all the parts already. Check that there is no lock closed so that it doesn’t get stuck when you are trying to get it out. Then only take it off.

Changing the Rollers

Once the door is out, it is time to correct the hinge of your rolling door. Use your screwdrivers to detach the current roller. Then, attach the new ones. While you do this, ensure the area is clean so that your aluminum door repair lasts longer.

Any aluminum door frame repair needs should be checked before proceeding. Any dent in the aluminum door frame needs to be replaced, and if the damage is too much, then change the piece.

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