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At AMPM, you have immediate access to all the very best RESIDENTIAL LOCKSMITH services anywhere in Ottawa Ontario & The Valley Area. We work closely with you to ensure that you receive the locksmith services that you need on the very same day you called us, at affordable rates and most important by a professional technician. We give a full warranty on labor and parts. We are fully insured (WSIB + Liability) and locally registered (Ottawa, ON).


  • 24/7 Door Unlocking
  • Door Lock Repair / Replacement
  • Door Lock Installation
  • Mailboxes & Filing Cabinet Locks
  • Home Re-Key Services
  • Locked Safe Opening
  • Sliding Patio & Screen Doors

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We will come to you in 20-45 minutes or less, so you never have to worry about our response time. We are very efficient and we make sure that all your calls and replies will be replied as fast as possible.

You never have to worry about results, you just have to work closely with us and the experience will be very good in the end.

A home break-in


As a local door repair company, we encounter many residential door break-ins, some of the doors are been kicked in even by teenagers, and not necessarily by experienced burglars. There are 300-500 property incidents in Ottawa itself almost every month, and even much more during the summer. Not to speak about 300 violent incidents which occur every month. Visit this interactive crime map: (Data by Ottawa Police)


Make sure that your home entry doors, garage doors, windows or a sliding patio doors are well protected with the right door locks and break-in prevention products. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO UPGRADE YOUR EXTERIOR DOORS HARDWARE!

A break-in protection might include metal strike plates, security bars (for glass doors and windows), door frame reinforcement plates, longer screws and better locks. Having those products will prevent your doors and frames from been kicked-in easily or opened easily. Related products and services:

  • Home door break-in repair
  • Door kick-in prevention
  • High security locks
  • Door frame re-reinforcement
  • Adding locks to sliding patio doors

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Locked front door


Once you work with our team, you can get emergency unlocking services as fast as possible. These lockout services are very good if you have to deal with any type of lock problems and you want to hire a fast 24/7 locksmith.

  • We will try first to pick the lock, especially if you have the actual keys locked inside your home or apartment.
  • If the lock can't be picked, we will drill the lock cylinder, without any damage to the door or the door frame.
  • We can open locked safes, mailboxes, filing and desk cabinets, sliding glass doors and screen doors.
  • Our emergency help line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We cover east, west and south Ottawa Ontario including Kanata, Kemptville, Gloucester, Nepean and Cumberland.
  • We will do our best to arrive within 20-45min since you placed your call, it is possible when we are not on our way to other emergency lockout situation.

With AMPM, you can do that and so much more. We are 100% focused on quality and we firmly believe that the best way to deal with house lockouts is to find the nearest unlocking service fast as possible. When you choose to work with our home & residential locksmtihs, you never have to deal with any door problems or lock issues ever again.

Our home unlocking service is focused on quality and the experience will be worth it due to that reason alone. Plus, we are focused on efficiency and we will immediately do any door opening on the spot.

Residential Door Locks


If your door lock has been stopped from working, we can help you with a fast door lock repair services which include installation of new lock sets (grip sets), deadbolts, door knobs, handles and even high security residential locks. We are the nearest and fastest experts when it comes to break-in prevention and protection.

We will get for you any new lock you are looking for, within the same day you called us. Our lock installation services are made to perfection! We give full warranty on labor and parts, and we can get for you any lock or handle including for sliding patio doors or your community mailbox. Nothing is impossible if you have the right focus on quality and results. All you have to do is to work closely with us and the outcome will be very well worth it.

If you want to boost the protection of your home, our 24/7 emergency locksmith services are here to offer you the value and results you need as fast as possible. We can upgrade your home's front, back or side doors security by installing custom sized metal strike plated and replacing your standard residential door locks with locks that can't be picked or drilled out on break-in attempts. We are always here to help you get the ultimate experience, so you just have to let us know how we can assist and we will do that as fast as possible.

That’s what really helps take the experience to new heights, the fact that you can always obtain an incredible experience at all times. So, you just have to hire us right now and you will not be disappointed!

A front of a house in Ottawa


Our main goal is to offer quality locksmith services at reasonable rates. If your key are stolen or just lost your home keys, we might be able to offer you with an affordable home re-key services, which will be cheaper then the standard lock change service.

It is highly recommended to get a new key for your property whenever:

  • You entering a new property
  • Change of tenants
  • Same key to open multiple locks
  • Keys are stolen or lost

Lock re-keying is a great option whenever you are looking to save some money and go with the cheapest option. However, for front door of homes, we do recommend to change the lock once in a while and prevent future failures due to the age of the lock.

It is VERY easy to kick-in or pick (open) standard residential locks and deadbolts, so consider upgrading one of your locks to medium or high security grade.

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A broken residential door 


We can fix ANY door or frame you might have, from exterior aluminum doors to wooden interior doors. We also provide premium doors and lock for those of you who looking to have a unique entrance to your home.

We are proud to serve all Ottawa residents as well as the Valley & Gatineau QC. We are working 24/7 and doing everything we can to keep every one of our customers safe and secure. AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors provides a complete range of services and products.

Our professional locksmiths carry the correct door hardware for different types of residence buildings or apartments such as:

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Homes
  • Gated Communities
  • Apartment Buildings

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