Wood Door Repair Services

Wooden Doors, Frames, and Jambs

There are different types of wood door repair services. On this article, we will go through some of them. In the end, you will be given valuable information about reliable door companies to help you with any door repair or upgrade.

Before we go ahead, those are the services we provide for wooden doors:

  • Broken or cracked wood
  • Door break-in repair
  • Kicked in wood door frames
  • Rotten wood or water damages
  • Door replacement or installation
  • Custom size entry doors

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A wooden door and frame

The Wooden Door Frame

The door frame is one of the most sensible parts of doors. It is common to need wooden door frame repairs when your door was kicked-in. The issues with door mounts include rotten, split or cracked frames. On all these cases, you must evaluate if it is possible to perform a repair, or if you need to change the structure.

For the most severe damage, a restoration is not recommended. The wood can become useless, and to do a full replacement is best. This sort of harm is not common in interior wood doors since they are not fully exposed. Any exterior entrance, like the entry door, are more commonly damaged.

Light Damage in Wood Doors

When the damage is light, your wood door can be repaired quick and easy. In such cases, the wood door repair services are performed mostly for aesthetic reasons. The door is fully functional, and it just needs some painting and the repair of any dent due to regular use.

These types of repairs can be performed easily by a carpenter. If you have carpentry skills, then you can do it yourself. Otherwise, call your trusted door repairman at least once a year to take care of any issue.

Broken Wood Door

It is rare, but it happens. A broken wood door is the worst damage that can occur to a door. Most doors have a hollow core, and when they are cracked, it can require an elaborate fix. It is not as easy as performing wooden door frame repairs.

If you have an entirely broken wood door, assess if it is better to do a repair or to change it. Sometimes doors get rotten from the inside. If the visible signs are neglected, they can just split. Another issue is when the door is kicked in. In such cases, the hollow core will make it break into small pieces.

Most interior wood doors are standard, and replacing them is easy. Most door installation companies will offer cheap prices and even a discount if the frame doesn’t need to be replaced.

Who Fixes Wood Doors in my Location

To fix damaged wood doors in your location, call AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors for any place at the Ottawa Ontario area. They can do easy fixes like disappearing any dent on your interior or exterior doors. If you want to make your entry door at home look as if it was new, they are the door contractors that will solve your problems.

They have staff with just professional door fixer. AMPM’s service is affordable, giving the best results. You can call for emergency situations 24hr a day. Their fields of action include residential and commercial installations for any type of door.

Our mobile service coverage at our customers including south, east and west Ottawa, as well as the downtown & market area. We provide fast and affordable same day services, especially when it comes to emergencies such as break-ins and kicked doors.

We guarantee a professional repair, with a clean and secure final result. If you faced a home break-in please ask our tech about our burglary prevention and protection solutions. We carry high-security locks, hinges, and metal strike plates for all residential or commercial entry doors. Adding those additional security products will make you door kick-in proof and will give you and your family peace of mind. We work all around Ottawa area, including Kanata, Orleans, Rockland, and Nepean.

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We, at AMPM work with all major entry doors manufacturers, most of them Canadian, but some custom exterior doors made in the States or Europe. Do you have a unique wooden door in mind for your office or your home? Give us a call or email us, and we will do our best to get you the exact door, at an affordable rate. Not sure what style fits your house the best? Watch THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO