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If you are living in the Ottawa Ontario area, and you are looking for a fully insured and reliable door company, call AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors. We are a 24/7 emergency door repair service you will find with an undisputable reputation. Our costs are cheap, without diminishing quality. Our group of professional and certified door repairman will fix any damage on your entry door in no time.

We are one of the few door companies that have the best service for commercial and residential applications available 24 hr. Rest assure that you have everything covered on an emergency with AMPM dependable door repair services.

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  • 24/7 Exterior Door & Frame Repair
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We specialize in all aspects of door repairs, replacement or installations. From aluminum glass doors to wooden doors. We will get to your location within 20-45 minutes in case of emergencies.


We cover Ottawa Ontario & Valley area including Orleans, Kanata, Rockland, the market & downtown, and all east, west and south Ottawa. We are fully insured, professional and fast. Most of our repair service call done within the same day you called us. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction! Read our REAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS

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Rotten Exterior Door Frame Repair

The Most Common Damage on Exterior Doors And Frames

Your front door is your presentation card. It is important that it is at its best. Here are some tips for exterior door repair you will find very useful. If you need help, we will also tell you where to look for exterior door repair near you.

The most common damage on exterior doors happens on the bottom. When there is a small flood, doors get water damage. Rain and wet conditions can produce a rotten frame. Wooden doors are at the highest risk, particularly if they have not had maintenance in a while.

Water Damage Repair

Reasons to Repair your Entry Door

Most exterior door repair is done on aesthetic grounds. The replacement of a cracked or rotten door is essential to make your home look good. However, the most important reason is security. Keep your entry door at its best conditions to avoid break-ins & forced entry. Repair broken exterior door frame right away because people with the wrong intentions can make an entry much easier.

Keep particular attention for all your exterior doors. They are the most vulnerable.

Tips to Repair Wood Doors

Your wood doors require some carpentry skills. If you are fond of carpentry, then let’s do it. One of the most common damages is to have a rotten frame due to water damage. In such cases, the first thing to do is to assess the damage right after it is completely dried. Depending on this there is a possibility to get a full restoration, or you can opt to change it.

The most broken parts are usually the bottom of the doors. For an exterior door bottom repair, it is best to take the whole door off. When you do this, beware of doing the whole job in one day. You cannot leave your home without a front door while you are doing the exterior door bottom repair.

If you are not sure if you cannot do the whole repair in a single day, then find who fixes door frames in Ottawa Ontario for assistance. Another tip is to divide the job into various phases. You can first clean the door and reshape all damage. Hang your door again to let it dry, until you are available for primer, varnish, or paint. To repair broken exterior door frame, make sure you have spare parts at hand. That way you will be able to perform it in a single day.

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