Steel Door Repair Services

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AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors works in the Ottawa Ontario area to address all your steel door and steel door frame repair needs. we can address any holes, dent or damages at your commercial steel door or frame. Our service is affordable, and we will send you a professional door repairman in no time.

What we do

  • Repair or replace a steel door with broken hinges, locks, or frames
  • Dents, rust, holes and break-in damages, weather damages
  • Fix bottom or to steel jamb or door threshold
  • New commercial entry doors, high security locks

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Steel Door Frame Installation

There are different types of steel door repair depending on the damage your door has. On this article, we will go through the most common types and some advice to correct them. In the end, we will come up with information on who repairs steel doors in Ottawa Ontario.

Types of Steel Door Repairs

The most commonly damaged part of a steel door is the frame. Your steel frame can be a bit harder to do than the door repair itself. It will suffer from hinge, holes, dent, rust, and jamb, just as the door does. In this line of thoughts, the tips for repairs we are about to give you will apply for the door or frame just the same.

Reasons to Repair Scratches and Dents in your Home or Office

Fixing a scratch or a dent is all about aesthetics. In particular, the entry door and any door for commercial applications are the most vulnerable to such damage. The costs of not repairing your doors on a commercial area will have a direct impact on your reputation.

The bottom of your entry door is particularly prone to damage. That is why few people notice it in detail, but when you see the door as a whole, you notice something is wrong immediately, even with the steel door frame. Your commercial doors need particular and immediate attention.

Old Steel Door Replacement

Repairing Commercial Steel Doors in Industrial Zones

When the door is in an industrial zone, then the approach is different than in your home. In such case, any metal door has a porpoise. Either it is aluminum or steel, most doors in such areas are meant for security porpoises. If that is the case, to be safe in the area, you must do the repair right away.

Any door contractors you hire to handle these entries should be licensed door installation companies with a certified door repairman to handle your needs in a proper manner.

Emergency Doors

The most critical issues come from emergency doors. This type of doors represents a security issue that must be addressed asap when they are not working fine. That can happen when your steel door repair is about fixing the hinge. Rust can also be a major concern when it obstructs the correct opening of the door.

Watch out for interior and exterior doors for this kind of damage. Even automatic doors are at risk when they are made out of metal. This type of emergency repair for your business needs your 24hr attention.

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