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Filling holes is one of the most common metal door repair. It is easy to do, and we will give you a quick guide on how to do it yourself. However, when you do not have experience working with metal, you can get in more troubles. It is better to look for the nearest metal door repair service around your area.

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If you live in Ottawa Ontario, then call AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors. They are the steel door company with the best costs to repair any metal (aluminum or steel) and wood doors for commercial, residential, and industrial use. Even if you are looking for a 24 hours’ emergency service, this is your best choice to solve lockout issues.

You will need a door repairman from time to time for regular maintenance. It is important to ask the door companies for a licensed professional to take care of your job. The best door contractors will bring you an affordable service for your home or office.

Our Services

  • Emergency door break-in repair
  • Door falls off the hinges, broken frame
  • Dents, rust, holes in a hollow metal door
  • Door locks, handles, automatic openers
  • Commercial entry doors of stores or offices
  • New door sales, supply and installation

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Metal Door Frame Repair

Why Metal Doors Require Holes Filling

It seems unlikely, but metal doors are subject to much stress. The ambiance conditions can cause rust, and with severe use, they can end up having unwanted dent all over them. An exterior metal door is always at risk.

A hollow metal door frame is more subject to get holes. They are common, and it is important to repair them as early as possible so that you do not need a more extreme metal door frame repair. Your doors and frames are going to be useful more time if you address the issues early. When your metal front door has the issues, then fix them to make it look good as new.

Procedure to Fill Holes in Metal Doors

Here are few steps for your metal door repair. Use these steps to fix any issue with your door.

1. Clean the zone you are about to improve on your metal door and metal door frame. Remove paint from any dent you find around the area, and sand the hole zone. Remove rust with a rust remover. You can use a wire brush too. Use a clean cloth and remove dirt and oils.

2. Fill each hole with a metal bonding filler as the product instructs you. As you do it, you can also fill any dent you find for a full metal door frame repair. Then, let the filler dry. Protect your exterior metal door from the weather while it dries.

3. Use a sanding block to make the patch even. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until every hole and dent are gone.

4. Then, use a special primer to inhibit rust. Apply two coats.

5. Finally, paint it with a coat of paint to inhibit rust. You must paint the whole door and frame to make sure it is all uniform.

What repairs can I perform this procedure?

You can use this method for any hollow or solid metal door. The restoration of doors is an art, and you have to be very careful while you are doing it. Feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service, we will help you with any door repair service you might need, within the same day you called us. We are fully insured (Liability and WSIB), and give warranty on labor and parts. We cover all Ottawa locations, including Kanata, Nepean, Orleans, Rockland and the downtown area.

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