A Sliding patio door

AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors is a local, reliable choice for sliding patio and screen door repair services. At AMPM, we understand that your sliding doors and patio doors are an important part of the aesthetics of your home, often aligned as a statement piece in your home’s design.

When your patio screen needs to be replaced or the sliding door falls off track, we are here to help! Our mobile technicians provide fast, reliable service and will have your sliding doors working like new in no time!

Our Repair Services:

Patio Door Rollers Replacement

Sliding Door Tracks / Broken Rails

Patio Door Safety - Security Bars

Door Locks & Handles Installation

Storm Door and Screen Door Repairs

Repair of Break-Ins or Vandalism

New Doors, Installation & Replacement

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Door handle of a glass patio door


You can improve your home security by adding additional (internal) lock to your patio door as a break-in prevention measure. Also, you MUST HAVE YOUR ROLLERS AND TRACKS in a good working condition. When a sliding door is not aligned with loose rollers or damaged tracks it is much easier for a burglar to get access to the locking latch, and push is downwards.

Also, we highly recommend you to get an adjustable security bar for sliding doors and windows, it would be the best break-in prevention measure you can take so no one would be able to take advantage of a loose sliding door and get into your home or business.

Sliding door lock

AMPM Locksmith Ottawa & Doors provides the highest quality parts and materials to maintain and repair your sliding patio and screen doors. We have years of experience working with all types of aluminum glass or wooden doors such as closet or pocket doors.

We can fix or replace damaged door frames, rollers, tracks, as well as changing door locks or handles. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide you with full-service door repair at your convenience.

We can provide security by adding a lock to your double sliding door or even providing a security bar to prevent break-ins.

Rollers of a sliding patio door


Keeping all the access points of your home and commercial business secure from residential sliding patio doors to commercial sliding glass doors. Often replacing broken rollers or tracks can provide you with a perfectly working sliding door.

We recommend you to repair a damaged or old roller or rail as soon as the door becoming sticky and heavier to move, as the pressure of the door will grind the tracks and more common, will damage the door lock latch, as when the rollers are damaged the entire door is not aligned and when closing the latch will need to support some of the wight of the door.

A screen mesh door


We provide same day screen door mesh replacement or repair services, for any front or back door you might have, including large commercial doors. We use quality screens so you can rest assure you get a durable and efficient screen. We able to replace a damaged handle on a screen door as well as door closers and aluminum frames.

Keeping up with the most recent designs and parts from tracks, rollers, and regular screen to heavy duty (pet) screens replacement services separate us from any other DOOR REPAIR SERVICE in Ottawa Ontario. We work 24/7 providing your home or commercial business with emergency service to protect your safety. Servicing all of Ottawa and surrounding areas including east Ottawa, Lebreton, Flats, Lower Town, Old Ottawa East and south Ottawa.