Electric Commercial Handicap Door Openers: Necessities for Commercial Buildings

Electric door opener

There are quite a few things that need to be accounted for when equipping a commercial establishment with doors and locks. One factor you will not want to forget is installing an electric commercial door opener to ensure your commercial space is fully accessible to your community, including those with disabilities.

Swing-door operators or electric door openers, however you wish to call it, allow a commercial door to open at the press of a button when one is unable to physically open the door. The introduction of accessible measures in public (and privately-owned) commercial facilities is often mandatory, or at very least, highly recommended. Here is what you should know about automatic door openers.

Automatic door opener

Door Openers and Door Closers: The Difference

Now, it’s important to note that there is a significant difference between electric commercial door openers and the closing mechanisms. While the first one is going to serve as both opener and closer, the second one is designated only to close the door.

A door closer is an attachment which is mounted on top of the door and to the ceiling. Once the door is open, a spring is going to tighten up and get the door closed again.

Door openers and closers are usually programmable and you can adjust the amount of pressure that you want the spring to pull with and hence – close the door. On the other hand, an automatic door opener will provide both functions; it will open your commercial door at the touch of a button, and close it behind the new visitors.

Door Openers Increase Client and Customer Convenience

Elerctric handicap opener

While automatic door openers can be necessary for those with disabilities, they are also convenient for customers and clients that may be accompanied by a baby stroller, or carrying items in their arms. This starts your customers and clients off with a positive experience before they even enter the building.

While automatic door openers allow for minimal efforts on the part of visitors, like any commercial building function, they require regular adjustment and maintenance. AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors offers a wide range of different repair and maintenance solutions for your commercial doors, including adjustment, installation and repair of your electric/automatic door opener or closer.

If you are looking to make your commercial building more widely accessible to those with disabilities and handicap needs, contact us today! AMPM offers 24/7 emergency door and lock repair services to keep you and your building safe and secure, no matter the hour.