The Process of Front Door Repair Services

Front doors are particularly important for many reasons. Perhaps most obvious, your front door is the primary source of security for your home, prevent unwanted guests and pests from entering your house. In terms of curb appeal, the front door is also something which is going to give your home a nice finished aesthetic.

A broken front door repair project

What is more, especially in a commercial environment, the front door must also effectively serve a purpose and be durable against wear and tear. When you need to get a store loaded with new stock, for instance, your doors are going to serve as an entry point so they must be specifically selected and installed correctly, aligned with their planned use.

Front doors are also the most commonly used doors in the premises and for this reason, they tend to wear out. With this in mind, front door repairs are quite common in the industry, regardless of whether it’s a matter of residential or commercial establishment. Our company is particularly specialized in handling front door repair and replacement, as well as front door lock repair and replacement.

AMPM is dedicated to quality installation and workmanship, and helping you as soon as you need it most. To give you a better idea of the AMPM experience, we have outlined our process for door repair consultation and installation services, below:

Arrival and Assessment

Upon placing your call, we are going to assign a team which is closest to you to come inspect the problem door. We are going to identify the issue and let you know what needs to be done in the short- and long-term to achieve your goals, whether that is to keep your home safe for the rest of the night or increasing the security of your building for years to come.

A front door frame repair project

Determining an Approach

Depending on the damage and your needs, our technicians will identify an approach. For example, in certain situations, the door frame or door may be broken beyond repair and this might jeopardize the security of your home or business premise. It is in situations like this that we recommend our customers to purchase a new front door.

Perform On-Site Door Repair

Our technicians come equipped with high-end locks and door replacement parts in order to make on-site repairs during your appointment. We carry a variety of parts and locks for residential and commercial repairs so we are ready for anything!

AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors offers a wide variety of services to repair or replace your front door. Whether a residential home, or commercial building, office, or storefront door repair we have you covered! We are passionate about your safety and security, and offers 24/7 emergency services within 40 minutes or less to serve you better.

If your front door is rotten, split, kicked in, broken, or cracked, not to worry! Contact us today!