The Process of Front Door Repair Services

Front doors are particularly important for many reasons. Perhaps most obvious, your front door is the primary source of security for your home, prevent unwanted guests and pests from entering your house. In terms of curb appeal, the front door is also something which is going to give your home a nice finished aesthetic.

A broken front door repair project

What is more, especially in a commercial environment, the front door must also effectively serve a purpose and be durable against wear and tear. When you need to get a store loaded with new stock, for instance, your doors are going to serve as an entry point so they must be specifically selected and installed correctly, aligned with their planned use.

Front doors are also the most commonly used doors in the premises and for this reason, they tend to wear out. With this in mind, front door repairs are quite common in the industry, regardless of whether it’s a matter of residential or commercial establishment. Our company is particularly specialized in handling front door repair and replacement, as well as front door lock repair and replacement.

AMPM is dedicated to quality installation and workmanship, and helping you as soon as you need it most. To give you a better idea of the AMPM experience, we have outlined our process for door repair consultation and installation services, below:

Arrival and Assessment

Upon placing your call, we are going to assign a team which is closest to you to come inspect the problem door. We are going to identify the issue and let you know what needs to be done in the short- and long-term to achieve your goals, whether that is to keep your home safe for the rest of the night or increasing the security of your building for years to come.

A front door frame repair project

Determining an Approach

Depending on the damage and your needs, our technicians will identify an approach. For example, in certain situations, the door frame or door may be broken beyond repair and this might jeopardize the security of your home or business premise. It is in situations like this that we recommend our customers to purchase a new front door.

Perform On-Site Door Repair

Our technicians come equipped with high-end locks and door replacement parts in order to make on-site repairs during your appointment. We carry a variety of parts and locks for residential and commercial repairs so we are ready for anything!

AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors offers a wide variety of services to repair or replace your front door. Whether a residential home, or commercial building, office, or storefront door repair we have you covered! We are passionate about your safety and security, and offers 24/7 emergency services within 40 minutes or less to serve you better.

If your front door is rotten, split, kicked in, broken, or cracked, not to worry! Contact us today!

Sliding Door Lock Repair – Issues and Fixes

Sliding door lock repair project

Sliding doors are definitely rather great to have in your house. Regardless of their particular use, they are incredibly beneficial. The reasons for this are numerous. They are space saving, they are stylish and they are flexible in usage. There is a whole range of different types – there are heavy duty sliding doors, patio doors made out of light weight materials sliding glass doors and whatever you can think of.

The truth is that people are usually familiar with the different types of this particular solution. However, for the majority of the time, they seem to fail to note the things which are of greater importance. Sure, the way your sliding door looks is important but there are things which definitely deserve at least the same amount of attention. The rollers, the tracks as well as the locks – all of these are going to provide the sliding door with the functionality which makes it such a preferable choice.

Glass patio door handle replacement project

Glass Patio Door Handle Replacement

There is one overly common sliding door lock which is used for a wide range of different solutions ranging from commercial doors to very standard patio sliding doors. It’s important to point out that this particular lock mechanism is rather typical and it’s push-based and it prevents the door from moving upon applying pressure on the push mechanism.

There are, however, quite a lot of issues which might actually be rather inconvenient when you are exploiting your glass patio door. For instance, one of the most common complaints that our company receives is regarding improper movement of the door through the tracks. This could be caused by a wide range of things. Broken rollers, on the other hand as well as failing sliding patio door handles are also quite common.

Appropriate Advice

The truth is that it’s impossible to provide you with a DIY solution unless the problem has been properly identified. What is more, if you attempt to fix your door on your own, you are likely to experience quite a lot of issues as a result afterwards. The track hardware as well as the rollers is pretty complicated to fix, especially if you are using a solution which is particularly heavy-duty. This is why it’s highly advisable that you give us a call if you need any sliding door repair service or in relation with sliding doors as a whole.

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Sliding Door Rollers – What you Should Know

Rollers replacement project on a sliding glass door

The truth is that regardless of whether you are using a sliding glass or a regular sliding door, eventually it’s going to need a bit of help. They are regularly and continuously used and as they are, the rollers beneath them can suffer damages.

This is going to result in the door being harder and harder to open every single day until they become particularly worn out and impossible to open. This could lead to additional complications and it’s important to handle it quickly. With this in mind, if your door won’t slide well, you might want to engage with our services in sliding patio door replacement. We are capable of fixing screens, rollers, locks and basically everything which is even remotely related to the functionality of your sliding door.

Clean The Track and The Rollers Twice a Year

However, there are some things that you might want to take care of on your own as they might be just what you need to get the door to work again. Right off the bat, you can start with cleaning the tracks or the rollers, as they are commonly referred to. If they’ve accumulated excessive amounts of dirt, it’s quite possible and actually rather logical for your door to get stuck. What is more, the shape of the rollers is of a nature which allows small particles like little rocks and wooden picks to get within them and obstruct the movement of the door.

A sliding glass patio door repair project

Replacing the Rollers On Sliding Patio Glass Doors

Replacing the rollers of your patio door or any other sliding door is ultimately what you’d have to do if all other measures fail. However, if that’s the case, there is one thing that you should most certainly consider. You should get a professional to handle the task. Sure, you are likely to find quite a lot of tips and tricks on how to handle this solution the DIY style. The result, however, is almost always going to be the same – you are going to get it done only to see it fail after a few days or weeks of excessive usage.

Handling the functioning of sliding glass door or any other type of sliding door for that matter, is particularly challenging. The rollers play a paramount role in all that so trusting professionals to handle them is definitely advisable. You can call us right away if you need help with adjusting sliding door rollers or if your sliding door has fallen off track.

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Metal Door Frame Repair – Get The Service You’ve Been Looking For

A metal door frame

Unfortunately, as reliable as they are, metal doors and their frames are also susceptible to damage. There are quite a lot of different reasons for which the metal door frame could need the help of experts. One of the most common reasons for which you might want to get your frame checked out is corrosion. This is especially true if the frame is exposed to outside weather conditions or to some sort of chemicals like de-icing salts or cleaning detergents.

When it comes to steel door frames, corrosion is observed usually at the lower end of the jambs of the frame. It is commonly described as rust. There is a rather common misconception when it comes to corrosion. The majority of people tend to believe that it starts from the outside and spreads through the inside of the frame while in fact the opposite is actually true. The issue becomes serious when water, regardless of its source – it could be from humid conditions or from rain, finds its way to the inside of the frame. Once it’s there, it could become damp for a significant amount of time because the space is actually enclosed. Throughout this time, the backside of the frame is actually constantly wet and the rust is undeniably going to start to form.

A steel door frame

The Best Protection Against Wind and Rain - Metal Door Frames For Offices and Shops

Adding up to this particular issue, a lot of commercial door frames are filled with masonry mix when they are being installed. Even though it adds to the sturdiness of the application, this particular mix has a porous structure and whenever you have pore you have the capacity to retain water and moist a lot easier. The water is going to be in intimate contact with the backside of your frame for a prolonged amount of time and the latter is going to inevitably begin to rust. This is just how the process of corrosion works.

  • Collapsible steel doors
  • Rolling steel shutter doors
  • Hollow metal doors
  • Metal fire door

With this in mind, you should trust AMPM Ottawa Locksmith & Doors professional door repair services to handle your door frame and jamb repair needs. It’s something which requires expertise and a lot of experience. We are going to make sure that everything is handled perfectly. What is more, you might want also consider getting jamb maintenance every now and then just to ensure that everything is handle properly and that there are no issues that may arise. This is capable of saving quite a lot of troubles down the line as well as money. The company located at #900, 251 Laurier Ave W, K1P 5J6, Ottawa, Ontario. We cover Ottawa east, south and west, with a fast same day 24 hour service.

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