Storm Door Repair and the Considerations to Account for

A storm door

The truth is that storm doors are definitely amongst the solutions which take the most beating as they get constantly opened and closed. When you add pets and children to the picture you are going to end up with a recipe for screen repair and that’s for sure. Even though advertised as easy to repair aluminum storm doors are not that easy to handle. If you want to achieve professional looking results you are going to need to get in touch with a door repair company that offers 24/7 emergency services of that kind. We are capable of handling this issue for you and we assure you that the storm door is going to look as if you’ve just picked it out from the store.

Some things to be aware of when trying DIY door replacement

Aluminum glass doors would usually have removable glass inserts which are designated for the winter as well as removable screens for the spring, fall and the summer season. If you are in possession of an aluminum storm door you must have a removable screen insert. This is why we wouldn’t need to remove the screen insert while repairing the screen – it’s going to save us time and effort which is going to save you money.

Screen door repair project

Consider the mesh material when buying screen doors

The first thing that our sliding door professionals are going to do is to determine the material of the screen as well the damage that has been inflicted. In some occasions the screen doesn’t need replacement if it can be duly fixed. However, in other, we are not going to be left with a choice but to get you a new screen and place it where it belongs in order to ensure the protection of your premise and the functionality of the home.

Fiberglass and glass are both appropriate options which serve different purposes. While fiberglass is particularly lightweight and convenient, it’s also rather subtle which makes it easy to break. Glass, on the other hand, is far more reliable and dependable and you are going to have a hard time breaking it. Of course, accidents happen. If you’ve broken the glass on your residential storm door, you need to contact us right away. This could lead to further complications and you must most certainly refrain from doing anything until we arrive. Maybe collect the scattered pieces of broken or cracked glass and throw them away. This way you can at least ensure the safety of those around it.

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