Commercial Panic Bar Doors and the Benefits That Follow

A Commercial panic bar

There are a whole lot of different opener mechanisms, especially when it comes to commercial facilities. However, it’s worth noting that when it comes to panic situations, there aren’t many things which are going to be more effective and appropriate than panic crash bars doors as they are also commonly referred to.

Even though the mechanism behind this solution seems particularly simple, and it actually is, it’s going to deliver quite a lot of advantages. With this in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of going through some of them and highlighting their importance.

Commercial Panic Bars

1. Safety (5 Safety Tips Article)

They are amongst the safest locking mechanisms and the reason for this is quite simple – they can’t be opened from the outside unless you have the key. They can also come equipped with an effective alarm system which is going to prevent and signal for any further intrusions. In any case, the push bar is installed on the inside which makes it convenient for emergency and non-emergency situations at the same time.

2. Versatility

They also bring quite a lot of variety. There are several different types of push bars as well as of locking mechanisms which are fit for different purposes. What is more, they come for different budgets and for different types of facilities so versatility is definitely secured.

3. They are affordable

In comparison to other types of commercial locking mechanisms, the push bars perform quite well in terms of affordability. While the most expensive units are definitely going to cost you quite a lot, you can easily find inexpensive solutions which are perfect for a wide range of different applications. With this in mind, they might be more appropriate as a choice.

A push bar fire rated aluminum door

Push Bar Exit Doors (Fire Rated Doors Available)

As a whole, when you compare the commercial usage of this particular door lock as well as the price after the discount for multiple orders, you are definitely going to get a good deal. They are also capable of providing a great auto lock service if the door is equipped with an automatic closing mechanism. It is convenient for emergency situations and for a wide range of different usages apart from that. All in all, it is without a doubt one of the best locking choices which are affordable, professional and most of all – a safe and durable commercial lock. They also require significantly lower amounts of maintenance in comparison which is also beneficial.